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Knowledge Deficit - Sample Nursing Diagnosis and Interventions

Nursing Diagnosis and Interventions for Knowledge Deficit

NOC and Indicators
  • Knowledge about the disease, after being given an explanation for 2 times, the patient understand the disease process and treatment programs and therapies are provided with:

  • Patients are able to:
  • Explain again about the disease,
  • Know the needs of the care and treatment without worry
NIC and Activities

  • Knowledge of disease
  1. Assess the client's knowledge about the disease.
  2. Explain the disease process (signs and symptoms), identify possible causes. Describe the condition of the client.
  3. Tell us about treatment programs and alternative medicine.
  4. Discuss lifestyle changes that may be used to prevent complications.
  5. Discuss about therapies and options.
  6. Exploration of possible sources that can be used / supported.
  7. Instruct when to the ministry.
  8. Ask the client's knowledge about the disease, nursing procedures and treatment.
  1. Simplify the explanation on the client.
  2. Increase knowledge and reduce anxiety.
  3. Facilitate intervention.
  4. Preventing disease severity.
  5. Giving an overview of treatment options that can be used.
  6. Reviewing


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